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Use Our Competitive Cross Reference to Find Replacement Relays

Thursday: April 14, 2022 : Blog

Concerned about parts shortages and long delivery times for products made outside the U.S.A.? Macromatic has thousands of control and monitoring solutions in stock and ready to ship.


New TE-6 Series Single Function Time Delay Relays

Tuesday: April 5, 2022 : Blog

Single function TE-6 Series Time Delay Relays are used for applications where timing function does not change. All functions initiated by the control voltage can use the control input to inhibit the ongoing delay.


What is a True Off Delay Timer?

Monday: March 28, 2022 : Time Delay Relays

Issue: What is the difference between an "Off Delay" & a "True Off Delay" time delay relay, and when is the True Off Delay function used? Solution/Resolution: Pneumatic time delay relays worked great, but they were normally very large & very expensive.  In addition, they were only available in two functions: On Delay with Normally 


Control, Monitor and Protect - Updated Product Selection Guide

Friday: November 19, 2021 : Blog

Updated Selection Guide describes Macromatic products to monitor and protect your equipment. 


PBDU Phase Monitor Relays: Save Space, Quick Installation and Reduced Costs.

Wednesday: November 10, 2021 : Blog

PBDU Series Phase Monitor Relays monitor phase loss, phase reversal and phase unbalance in three-phase systems. Smaller Footprint. Quicker Installation. Same Great Protection!


Quick, Safe Connections with Jumpers and Separators on Macromatic Relays

Thursday: October 28, 2021 : Blog

Accessories for Macromatic GS Series Slim Relays include jumpers to quickly connect terminals and separators to cover the exposed end. Macromatic GS Series relays are only 0.25 in wide for space-efficient installation.These new accessories make it even easier!


New 4-pole GB Series General Purpose Relays Now Available

Wednesday: October 20, 2021 : Blog

Macromatic's expanded line of General Purpose relays now includes 4-pole blade terminal relays to meet customer requirements. These new GB Series Relays are in stock and ready to ship for your high-density applications.


Protect Against Premature Failure with Compact Phase Monitor Relays

Wednesday: October 6, 2021 : Blog

Our customers asked for compact Three-Phase Monitor Relays. Introducing the new Macromatic PBDU Series! 


Use Our Competitive Cross Reference to Find Replacement Relays

Thursday: March 18, 2021 : Blog

Macromatic’s extensive online “Competitive Cross Reference” lists over 10,000 relays cross-referenced to Macromatic models. Type in a part number or series number and find the replacement for your unavailable or obsolete relay!


Small Profile Relays Feature Extras That Make Them a True Value

Monday: March 15, 2021 : Blog

Economical Macromatic GP Relays feature extras that make them a true value: Color-coded push-to-test buttons that can be locked in place; bright LED lights to confirm energization, and durable designs for plug-in, DIN-rail or screw mounting.


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