Alternating Relays

Triplex Pump Control Using Cost-saving Alternating Relays

Monday: June 29, 2020

Macromatic specific-purpose Triplexor relays are ready to go right out of the box. ATP Series is pre-programmed for various triplex and duplex pump control applications. Save panel space. Reduce labor. No programing.

What is Sequence On – Simultaneous Off (S.O.S.O. or SOSO) Operation on Pump Control?

Tuesday: August 27, 2019

Question: I want my two loads to come on one after the other, but then both loads to stay on together until the last control switch is opened.

Typical Applications for Alternating Relays

Tuesday: August 6, 2019

Issue: How do I make connections to my Alternating Relay? Solution/Resolution: Macromatic offers several versions of Duplex Alternating Relays.  The following examples are typically the way connections are made to the relays.  The loads could be pumps, compressors, or air conditioning/refrigeration units.

Using Alternating Relays with DC Input Voltages

Monday: November 19, 2018

Issue: Do your Alternating Relays work on DC voltages? Your catalog used to only mention AC and the products were only marked as AC. 

Using DPDT Cross-Wired Alternating Relays with HIGH-LOW Float Switches

Tuesday: January 16, 2018


I have two float switches and two pumps in my application: a HIGH float switch to pump the water down and prevent an overflow of the tank, and a LOW float switch to turn the pump off and prevent the tank from being emptied & burning out the pump. 

Using a Triplexor with One Switch to Cycle 3 Loads

Thursday: October 19, 2017

Issue: How can I use one Switch to Cycle 3 loads ON & OFF in sequence? 

Using a 120V Alternating Relay with 208V Loads

Monday: March 13, 2017

Issue: Can I use an Alternating Relay with one input voltage value to control multiple loads at a different voltage?

Rapid Cycling of Control Switch Damages or Destroys Large Pump or Compressor Motors

Monday: March 13, 2017

Issue: How do I prevent a Bouncing Control Switch Due to Splashing Water from Rapidly Energizing One Load and Then the Other?  

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