Seal Leakage & Temperature Relays

Replacing a Crouzet PNR110A with a Macromatic SFP120A100 Seal Leak Relay

Wednesday: March 22, 2017

Issue: I have been using a Crouzet PNR110A liquid level relay as a seal leak relay. To make it work properly, I had to jumper pins 5 & 6. Now, I want to switch to the Macromatic SFP120A100 unit and notice no such jumper is shown on the connection diagram. Is it required or not?

Where are Seal Leakage Relays Used?

Monday: February 20, 2017

Bearings are one of the most important components of electric motors.  Normally, they are designed to operate for many years.  Yet, more than half of motor failures are caused by bearing failure. The most common causes of premature bearing failure are lubrication loss and contamination ingress.

Macromatic’s New TCF Series Drop-In Replacement for MPE’s PMR1 & PMR3 Has More Advantages

Friday: January 13, 2017

Macromatic's TCF Series Over Temperature & Seal Leakage Relays are a drop-in replacement for the PMR1 & PMR3 Pump Monitoring Relays from MPE.  Both protect submersible pumps against damage from over temperature and leaking seals.  

Connection of Pump Seal Failure (Seal Leak) Relays in Submersible Pump Applications

Monday: August 10, 2015

Issue: I need to know how to install and connect the wiring for my seal leak probe to a Macromatic Seal Failure Relay. Solution/Resolution: Making the right connections: Seal leak probes are typically built into, or attached to, the submersible pump. Most pumps will have only a single seal leak probe, but may have one

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