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What is the difference between “UL Listed” & “UL Component Recognized”?

Monday: May 20, 2019

We are often asked several questions regarding our plug-in products & UL certifications: "What is the difference between UL Component Recognized & UL Listed”? and Why are some products only UL Component Recognized instead of UL Listed”? &

What are Pilot Duty Ratings and which Macromatic products have them?

Saturday: October 10, 2015

Issue: What are Pilot Duty Ratings and which Macromatic products have them? Solution/Resolution: A pilot duty rating is a contact rating intended for contacts that control the coil of another relay or contactor. These ratings are applicable when controlling loads like relay coils, contactor coils, solenoids, and other similar inductive loads. 

How to Apply Pilot Duty Ratings

Saturday: October 10, 2015

Issue: How to Apply Pilot Duty Ratings. Solution/Resolution: ​B300, C300 Pilot Duty Rating Table – AC 50 and 60 hertz

What size connectors will work with Macromatic sockets?

Monday: October 5, 2015

What size ring, fork, spade or other terminal connectors work with Macromatic sockets? 

Using the 70166 Hold-Down Spring

Thursday: August 20, 2015

Issue: How do you use the 70166 hold-down (tie-down) spring on the Macromatic 70169-D or 70170-D sockets when mounting the socket with two screws on a panel? What about when mounting the sockets on 35mm DIN track? Solution/Resolution: To use when panel-mounting the socket, put one screw through the end of the spring and then

Macromatic Products & 50/60Hz Applications

Monday: August 10, 2015

Issue: Will Macromatic products work at 50 Hertz, as required in other parts of the world? Solution/Resolution: Electrical equipment is made by the manufacturer to operate at a specified Current, Voltage, and Frequency (Hertz). The Current is dependent on the Voltage and Hertz. If the Current through the equipment is greater then it is designed

Minimum Contact Rating of Macromatic Products

Saturday: June 27, 2015

Issue: I see most of your products have a maximum output rating of 10A @ 240V. What is the minimum contact rating of these products? Solution/Resolution: The minimum contact rating is based on Product Series: Product Family Minimum Contact Rating All Maromatic Products except those listed below 12V @ 100mA TAA1U TAA2U TAD1U 5V @ 

A Non-Operational Macromatic Product After a Period of Time in Service

Saturday: February 7, 2015

Issue: I have a Macromatic relay that has stopped working. The product was working fine one day and then stopped functioning the next. What’s wrong? Solution/Resolution: Most Macromatic products have either a fusible resistor or a fusible trace on the PCB that acts like a fuse. 

Estimating Contact Life of Products with Specific Loads

Saturday: January 17, 2015

Issue: How many switching cycles will the contacts on your products operate with a specific load? Solution/Resolution: The electrical life of the relay is directly related to the load it is controlling. The electrical life at full load is 100,000 operations for most Macromatic products; to determine expected life at other load levels, use the graphs below. The following test results were provided

Contact Resistance of Macromatic Products

Friday: January 9, 2015

Issue: What is the contact resistance of your products?  Solution/Resolution: See the following chart for the contact resistance values. Values are grouped by product family. 

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